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Using the Gulf Spill to Further Cap and Trade

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I just watched the video of the kid that fell out of a building and lived. Amazing story, but what struck me was the ad before the video using the oil spill as a reason why we need to “end our addiction” to fossil fuels and pass “Cap and Trade”. Give me a freakin’ break.

The first thing it mentions is the WVa Coal Mine disaster. It’s terrible that those miners died. But every job has an associated risk. Lots of fisherman die every year. Should we stop eating fish? Oh yeah, all those Prius’s on the road? The electricity they use comes from coal…

It talks about the “economy in peril” in the Gulf Coast. What do you think “Cap & Tax” is going to do to the economy? It’s going to DESTROY it. And it won’t just be in the gulf, it will be nationwide. It’s so idiotic.

Next, it mentions “madmen using oil profits to threaten the world”. Seriously? If Iran makes 100 million off us every day, does it seem likely they would want to do anything to endanger that? Plus, isn’t this really a good reason we should drill for more oil here in the U.S.?

Cap and Trade will just produce a whole new group of energy millionaire tyrants. The people behind this are out to make money, it has nothing to do with saving the environment. If you believe that it does, then you are being played for a sucker, my friend!

When solar/wind/methane/booger power becomes a viable alternative, we will all start using it. The simple fact is that there isn’t anything that works as well yet. No amount of government intervention is going to accelerate that. What IS going to change things is the invisible hands of the free market.


Written by whatschappingmyass

June 6, 2010 at 4:51 pm