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If Guns Are Outlawed…

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…only outlaws will have guns. That’s the way the saying goes, but it’s true. Making a law against something doesn’t prevent it from happening. Murder is illegal but someone intent on committing one doesn’t care about that. Speeding is illegal but tell that to the jackass riding your bumper. Lots of other things that happen every day are illegal despite the myriad of laws on the books.

If guns had never been invented, people would be killing each other with arrows/swords/axes/knives/screwdrivers/etc. If given the choice between a slow, painful death with a primitive weapon or a .45 to head I would take the latter.

It’s not the gun laws that we need to change, it’s human nature…


Written by whatschappingmyass

January 11, 2011 at 8:07 pm

Posted in guns, politics

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