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Tea Party Bashers

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These Tea Party Bashers really piss me off. For starters, they’re hypocrites. First they dismiss them as “Astroturf” being funded by big business. Then they try to say that they’re just a small number of malcontents undeserving of media coverage. Well, which is it? If big business is going to pay supporters, wouldn’t they want teaming hordes?

Secondly, when detractors say, “Why are they protesting on Tax Day when most of them probably didn’t pay any tax!” I would respond by saying that we ALL pay taxes every time we buy goods and services. And the Tea Partiers chose Tax Day because it was symbolic, not because that’s they’re only concern. They are calling attention to the reckless SPENDING OF OUR TAXES more so than the fact that they had to send in a check this year.

Lastly, it’s been said that the current administration “CUT taxes for 95% of Americans”. So, they’re buying us off with that? “As long as I get an extra $500 on my tax refund you can gouge everybody else”, is that what we’re supposed to say? If someone else is wronged, isn’t it still wrong?

The most venomous of these Tea Party naysayers don’t even make an argument against what the Tea Party stands for. They only choose to mock and degrade them showing how classless they are.


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April 27, 2010 at 11:11 am

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